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Off-Road Golf® Strategy

Whether you are a investment advisor, a tennis player or even a student, every winner has a "winning" strategy. There is no difference in Off-Road Golf®. The following tips on a winning strategy are from experienced players who don't mind sharing their tips. Here are the highlights:

  • Think golf - they are quite similar
  • Careful with your tee-off shot. It will make or break your score for that hole. Great shots are rewarded
  • Try to make your shots land where you will have a clear shot to the hole
  • "Off Road" means tree, rocks, hills, holes, etc. Avoid them if at all possible
  • Use your "second shot" to set you up for the third and final shot into the hole
  • Try to get the ball in the hole in less than par - lower score wins
  • Don't stress it. The game is fun and a relaxed player will shoot better
  • Try not to be over aggressive - it makes the ball go strange places you did not plan
  • Weather makes a difference - Dress appropriately.
  • Wet courses make the ball roll slower and dry courses makes the ball roll faster
  • Hi grass and large bumps will slow down your ball. No nice greens here!
  • Become great at putting. The ball is on the ground almost all the time
  • "Choke up" a few inches on the mallet (club) for more control
  • You don't have to be strong, tall or short...just accurate when hitting the ball
  • Have your wager in mind as it is a great motivator!
  • Have plenty of liquid refreshments at hand
  • Invite fiends to see how great you play!
  • Bring food! It helps nourish you for better skills!

Ok, study hard and go out there and win!


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