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Off-Road Golf® is an exciting game which the whole family can play.

The game is designed to be played anywhere you can dig a
few small holes and have your course laid out.

Don't make it too large as to be cumbersome or too
small that it is not easily played.



  • Each player uses a 36” wood handled mallet to hit the ball through a course of 10 holes.

  • Players are allowed to use any part of the mallet to move the ball, including the end of the handle which is grooved for a “flip shot” to get the ball over an obstacle.

  • Each hole has a pre-determined “par” which is set by the course owner/builder. The holes are set at a par 3, par 4 or a par 5, depending on distance, obstacles and difficulty.

  • The order of play remains the same throughout the entire 10 hole game.

    The main objective of the game is to complete the course with the least amount of shots.

  • Par is how to keep score, if you shoot 4 times at a hole with pre-designated as a par 3, then your score is 1 over par or +1 for that hole. You move your built-on score keeper, on the mallet handle, to the +1 position.

  • Each mallet handle has a built in score keeping device that allows you start out at par and then record your progress throughout the course, either going under par (green) or over par (red).

There are many unique rules to the game that make it a hilariously fun time, such as:

“Untrained dog” rule: When the ball is in motion and ball movement is affected by an untrained pet, the ball will be played from its final resting place and not played over.

“Ball in a hole” rule: If your ball comes to rest in a small hole, up to one handful of dirt can be used to fill the hole before shooting.

“Bumped ball” rule: Movement of a player’s ball caused by the impact of a shooters ball may, at the players discretion, be shot from where it landed or reset to where it originally was located. The shooters ball must be played from the balls final location.

Complete Off-Road Golf® game rules and course set up instructions are included with each kit.

Click to download course set up instructions


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