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How To Win at Off Road Golf


Off-Road Golf® requires concentration, skill and luck to win the game.

Like most games the more that you concentrate on your objective, in this case hitting the ball straight, the better score you will receive.

Don't be surprised if some of the other teams try to break your concentration and cause you to have less than stellar performance.

The skill involved with Off-Road Golf® comes about after practice.  The more often that you play the game, the more skillful you become.

The game of Off-Road Golf® is addictive so practice should not become a problem.

Finally, there is lady luck. We would personally choose luck over skill any day.

Luck just happens for no reason and should not be denied.

Have fun, concentrate, practice your skills in all terrains and kiss that lucky rabbit's foot!


It is really quite easy!

The mace is used for score keepingOff-Road Golf® is similar to most games where the LOWEST score wins. Scoring is based mostly upon the way golf is scored - except that there are 10 holes in Off Road Golf® rather than the 9 or 18 in regular golf. 

Each hole has a predetermined number of strokes that an average good player can shoot and get the ball into the hole.  This is called "Par" and is set by the course owner/builder. 

To win the game you try to shoot par, or under, over the entire course. 

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