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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Where can I find the game for purchase?
  2. How much will the game cost?
  3. What do I receive when purchasing the game?

Where can I purchase the game?

  • The Off-Road Golf® Game Kit will be available for purchase on this web site as well as National Sporting Goods Retailers.

    Please sign up to receive official notice of when and where you can purchase the game.

    See the signup form below.

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How much will the game cost?

  • Retail Pricing $149.99
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What do I get when purchasing the game?

  • The Off-Road Golf® Game will include the following items

    4 – Rubber mallets, with 36” long hardwood handle, with built in flipper end & score keeping grooves

    4 - Heavy-duty contoured balls, which easily roll over obstacles (Blue, Green, Red & Black)

    10 – In-ground hole liners (used as the game hole cups)

    10 – 26” tall Flags with 6” Diameter Flag holders (use to fill the in-ground holes when not playing)

    10 – Flag markers (used to mark the flag location 18” behind the hole during play)

    1 – Sheet of Par stickers to be applied to each flag (to set the par for each hole)

    1 – Tube of glue (to permanently attach the flag pole to the bottom of the flag holder)

    Complete game rules and set-up instructions included

    Contact us if you have any questions regarding the game Off-Road Golf®, course set-up or anything that you need answered.

    You can use the form on our site by CLICKING HERE or you can email info@off-roadgolf.com and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

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