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Course Design Information

The enjoyment of Off-Road Golf® begins before play ever starts, when you are designing your own course.


Pick a spot for your course, from 1-10 holes. Don’t let trees and bushes stop you, they make great obstacles and some of the best courses. Each hole is set 30 to 100 feet apart and should weave around stumps, rocks bushes and trees.

Clear any obstacles (rake leaves, trim branches, move rocks, etc.)

Determine hole locations, dig holes & place 6” diameter hole liners 1-2” below the surface level.

5 minute assembly of Flags and fill the flag holder with dirt from holes or, if preferred, use rock.

Set the Par for each hole based on distance, obstacles and difficulty.

Ready to play the game and have some fun!


Begin by taking a look around your yard and decide on a location that has some available space, or could use some improvement.

Don’t worry if your yard has lots of trees, bushes or obstacles in the way, we have found that these areas make some of the best courses.

Once you have decided on a location, you're ready to begin!

The course is made with 10 holes (or "cups") placed in the ground.

Each “Cup” is made of a six-inch diameter “Hole Liner” dug into the ground and set about 1-2 inches below the surface of the ground.

Each hole has a numbered flag that is placed 18” behind the hole and is used to target your shots.

Each flag has a par sticker applied that indicates the number of strokes for that hole, which is determined by the course builder.

The flag holder assembly should be placed inside the “Hole Liner” when the play is finished, for safety reasons.

Each hole is set at a distance of 30 to 100 feet apart and should weave around stumps, rocks, bushes and trees.

The “Tee-Off” position for the first hole is randomly selected by the course builder.

The course is set up such that the “Tee-off” position for Hole #2 is within 2 club lengths (72”) from hole #1, and so on for other holes.

Once the holes and markers are in place a little raking and trimming around the holes can be done.

Now you are ready to play the game – and have some fun!


You begin the game by hitting a wooden ball from a position on the ground 30-60 feet from the number one hole with your Off-Road Golf® mallet.

Each hole has a pre-determined amount of shots that it should take to put the wooden ball in the hole, which is called “Par.”

Par is set based upon distance, obstacles and difficulty. Par is how to keep score.

For Example: If you shoot four times on a hole that has been pre-designated as a par three, then your score is one over par (+1) for that hole.

That score carries with you to the next hole (hole #2) and you go through all 10 holes.

Your score can be kept on the built in handle scorekeeper relative to the par. Minus scores are in the GREEN and plus scores are in the RED.

The least amount of shots for 10 holes, wins the game.
Ties are settled with a “Shoot-off” on a mutually agreeable hole.

Building your Off-Road Golf® Course Video:

Now go out and build your own backyard golf course!


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