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Invented in Northern California this fun filled game of Off-Road Golf® has spread from yard to yard with tournaments, high-stakes matches and much socializing.

The game begins with a bit of imagination, a small amount of work and a relatively small piece of ground to place the course. It all started in the late 1990’s when Ken Papini,  of Redding CA, decided to install a croquet course in his yard to keep the brush down. Ken didn't want the poison oak coming back and he needed a bigger fire break. The problem was, too many arguments broke out over the wickets. It was difficult to tell if the ball went through the wickets in lower light and especially from a distance. So, instead of wickets, Papini sunk 6-inch flower pots into the ground to create holes. The arguments stopped, and the game of Off-Road Golf® was born.

Although an informal game, there are rules to be followed!

Players use a special Off-Road Golf® Mallet to hit a heavy, pressed hardwood, ball through a course of 10 holes. You are allowed to use any part of the mallet to move the ball, including the carved out end of the handle for a “Flip” shot. Players hit the ball in order and score the game like regular golf by tracking shots in relation to Par. The Mallet handle also has a unique built-in score-keeping device that allows the player to track score, either under par or over par.

With some of the skills associated with regular golf, and many skills unique to itself, Off-Road Golf® has become an obsession with friends and neighbors. The enjoyment of the game will offset your efforts to build the course and it will provide many hours of gratification and competition.

In the last few years, more than 150 courses have popped up in Shasta County, which is in far Northern California. The game has a fervent following and many players gather in Shingletown, CA for the annual Off-Road Golf® World Championship.

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